Work-Related Stress

David practices a warm, practical, non-clinical, therapeutic approach.

Work related abuse is the most common kind of work stress. In fact, many workplace relationships tend to be somewhat sadomasochistic to begin with. Office environments and the hierarchies therein are ideal environments for abusive people with power issues to play out dynamics from their families of origin. The abuser is rarely the one to seek therapy.

Work related stress is a very common problem for clients in my Westchester County practice.

If you have an abusive supervisor, I will work with you to help you to set firm limits in order to avoid being scapegoated. I teach communication skills around limit-setting and boundaries. I often refer clients to attorneys in conjunction with psychotherapy because certain kinds of work-related abuses are illegal. Often, simply knowing an employee has consulted with a labor attorney reduces or prevents further abuse.

Purpose Driven Therapy acknowledges that often, people suffering in an abusive work environment are repeating dynamics from their families of origin. My practice in Westchester County utilizes psychoanalytic modeling as a way of uncovering childhood relationships and family dynamics. Revisiting one’s childhood and managing work stress can lead to better relationships in all areas of a client’s life, recovery from victimization, and increased self-esteem.

Other kinds of work related stress involve unsatisfying careers and an inability to balance work with other aspects of a persons life.

Purpose Driven Therapy seeks to identify the client’s “dream-job” and utilize cognitive-behavioral interventions to actualize tangible goals toward this end.

More diseases and deaths are the result of unsatisfying careers than from smoking, poor diet, lack of fitness or congenital problems. I encourage my clients who are overworked and lack outlets to develop new and healthy pursuits: hobbies, social supports, family support, physical fitness, or whatever they may be lacking in terms of a balanced satisfying life.

If you experience work-related stress, please understand that it does not have to happen anymore. Working together, we will identify not only the problems that are coming at your from above, but also areas that originate in your own psyche. The goal of this practice is to provide my clients in Westchester County the support and guidance to succeed in attaining balance and emotional health.