Couples Counseling

If most business partners treated each other like most couples treat each other, the businesses would dissolve, all the employees would be fired, and nothing would ever get done.

This is because sexual, intimate relationships are emotionally charged and driven by a variety of influences, other than making a profit.

My approach to couples counseling in Westchester County is very simple:
Our goal is to get couple to treat each other with fairness, respect and cordiality, on a daily basis, as if they were running a business together.

If you want a successful business partnership, it’s not about how you feel, but what you do. Although it might seem counter-intuitive, the same holds true in primary romantic relationships.

I train couples to increase the number of positive messages they give each other and decrease the negative messages.

I teach impulse control and communication skills. Appropriate communication of feelings is a learned skill most of us never saw modeled in our families of origin.

Most people can’t talk about their feelings; they either attack or shut down. We get down to the bottom of what it really feels like to encounter your emotions and not run from them.Each partner learns to share his or her emotions, fears, hopes, and dreams.

My approach to couple counseling is largely behavioral in that we study communication patterns, and quantify in measurable ways exactly what couples want and need from one another.

Please remember: the goal in couples counseling is not to make one person “right” and the other one “wrong”. That wouldn’t work in a business relationship, and it rarely works to bring people closer.

Our goal is to treat the relationship as something valued by both members, and to create healthy methods of caring for the relationship. In this way, most individuals learn to care for themselves, as well.