The effects of Trauma on my clients’ overall mental health is central to the Purpose-Driven approach.

Traumas are the worst things that have happened to us in our lives; things that caused us the greatest emotional and psychological damage. Some of the worst traumas include childhood sexual abuse, neglect, abandonment, rape and other extreme acts of physical and emotional violence. Combat is another area that generates trauma; some of my clients in Westchester County are men and women from our armed forces who are experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder.

Quite simply, our traumas are our central issues and the roadblocks to realizing our greatest hopes and dreams. If the trauma has been repressed, there tends be a lot of grief loss. Ordinarily, this results in exacerbated levels of anger and depression. Anger and depression prevent any human being from enjoying healthier, more satisfying relationships with themselves and with others.

Purpose Drive Therapy in Westchester County provides a safe and healing holding environment where we visit and work though trauma. It is not simply a way of drudging up painful memories. Instead, PDT serves my clients to help them overcome obstacles and encourage them to realize their ideal lives.

PDT takes advantage of behavioral interventions. These are clear-cut and measurable tasks (similar to homework) designed to move the client incrementally toward the client’s greatest hopes and dreams.

The PDT approach always empowers the client toward realizing the goals of his or her ideal life. Engaging in new behaviors encourages the client to re-shape their self image.

We learn to feel entitled by taking liberties. This means that we learn to “act as if”. In other words, by taking liberties that we don’t ordinarily feel we deserve or are entitled to, we attain greater self-esteem.

From San Francisco to Westchester County, people give us the latitude we take.

Purpose driven therapy never loses sight of major trauma/central issues or our greatest hopes and dreams.

Traumatic experiences can inform how we view ourselves and the rest of the world; these experiences can start in early childhood, adolescence, or of PDT to help clients identify their interests and underlying values. This leads to work and hobbies that are more satisfying and that feel more meaningful.