Welcome and thank you for your interest in my practice.

I have been a mental health professional for 30 years and experience in most areas of counseling psychology. Most of my practice consists of treating couples and individual adults. I have extensive experience with adolescents and parenting issues and well as mood disorders and psychopathology of all kinds.

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  • I am licensed to practice in New York and California. My office is in lower Westchester county near N. Bronx.

    While I make I make each session count, I make sure the sessions are relaxed, fun, have some humor and are educational. I make sure that my clients learn, grow & make progress toward their goals as well as get relief from grief and distress.

    I have worked with people of all ages and of most types of pathologies and walks of life. My background covers education, traumatized adolescents, autism and other developmental disabilities, chronic mental illness, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, medication management, geriatric issues, addiction and recovery, men’s issues, woman’s issues, grief and trauma.

    My orientation supplies the missing link in many modern psychotherapies. Purpose Driven Therapy is a blended style which incorporates Existential, Behavioral and Psychodynamics approaches. I use metaphor, humor and story telling to illustrate salient ideas about growth, recovery, change and meaning. My style tends to be warm, natural and empathetic.


    My areas of specialization are: