Purpose-Driven Therapy

Purpose Driven Therapy (PDT) is a unique style of psychotherapy I developed which incorporates Existential, Behavioral and Psychodynamics approaches.

PDT is existential in that in that it identifies the client’s greatest hopes, dreams and fantasies about how they would like their lives to be.

Through our therapeutic relationship, your dreams and fantasies are distilled into realistic life goals.

Once realistic goals are identified, PDT becomes behavioral in that goals, sub-goals and homework assignments are utilized on a weekly basis.

Purpose-Driven Therapy encourages the client to see his or her hopes and dreams as a compass for goals; together, we identify traumas as obstacles that prevent you from meeting those goals.

PDT is psychodynamics in that traumas are frequently visited and worked through as they become obstacles to goals.

While PDT is similar in practice to other therapeutic techniques, it focuses on what the client holds of greatest value in terms of the purpose of their lives.

I use PDT to focus my work with clients in the following areas:

  • men’s issues
  • substance abuse
  • trauma
  • depression
  • couples
  • adolescence
  • parenting
  • work-related stress
  • existential issues

I am licensed to practice in California and in New York. I lives with my wife and children in Westchester County and I practices here.

One goal is to make the therapeutic process fun and enjoyable. My clients not only heal, but they learn how to help themselves to avoid hurting again.

My practice supplies the missing link in modern psychotherapy. This is a blended style which incorporates Existential, Behavioral and Psychodynamics approaches. Clients in Westchester County and Putnam County now can benefit from this warm, humorous, unique and effective approach.

  • Using metaphor and humor, I take a friendly non-judgmental position.
  • In some cases, I liken myself to a consultant
  • Clients focus on working through traumas to achieve personal goals.
  • Clients identify and achieve their own personal visions for their lives (and the lives of their families and other loved ones).
  • Working together, the you broaden and deepen your experience with your own dreams, fantasies, and goals.